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"Ben’s communication workshop was very valuable for my management team. It opened up new possibilities for working together and understanding fellow employees. All the while, being a lot of fun."


Florian Fehr

Director of Customer Engagement, Falcon Social

"It was a great team-building experience and different from workshops I have attended before. Our team left feeling energized and connected."


Philipp Stroehemann

Head of Business Development, NOSCO

"Ben's creativity workshop was one of the more anticipated workshops of the weekend and it did not fail to deliver. Participants had a great time learning to follow their intuition so they could unlock their own creativity. Further the exercises provided for a fun team bonding experience"


"The process of innovation requires improvisation. That is, improvisation is the ability to take what is 'there' and creatively
adapt it to changing circumstances.  Ben Miller's workshop gave our students ways to 'see differently' the situations they are in and to co-create new opportunities and experiences. And, have fun in the process."


William B. Gartner

Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Art of
Innovation, Copenhagen Business School​

"Ben was an absolute pleasure to work with! He has a ease and approachability to him that creates a natural calm environment. The intention of 'we are in this together' was felt from the very beginning, each member of our team felt 100% supported. This was especially important considering the sensitive content and level of vulnerability we were asking from our leadership team. His balance of fun and reflection was what we were looking for. Ben was organized, professional and committed to delivering results. We would absolutely work with Ben again!" 

Shealagh O'Neill 

Manager, Lululemon Whistler

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